The Legacy Behind

Liberty21 uPVC Doors & Windows has a legacy that’s worth taking pride of, in terms of standards of work and the people behind. The CEO Mr. Sandeep Jain Deen Dayal is the great grandson of Lala Deendayal, who was the pioneer of photography in India. Mr. Sandeep’s grandfather, Raja Deen Dayal was the official photographer to the Nizam of Hyderabad. Mr. Jain started his career by manufacturing slide viewers, slide projectors, projection screens, interactive whiteboards, cables and various other audio-visual equipment in 1992 through the brand AVECO. We’ve got a network of 900+ dealers for AVECO. It has its presence spread across various MNC’s  in India and now is the No.2 audio-visual distribution company of the nation. It is from such a strong foundation that Liberty 21 originated.

uPVC Doors & Window Manufacturers in Hyderabad

The Journey Forward – Liberty21

Liberty21 was launched in 2014 with a vision to provide quality products which conform to eco-friendly standards and norms. All the products from Liberty21 are approved by the Indian Green Building Council. Mr. Jain envisions the brand to be on par with the international level of recognition that his audio-visual brand enjoys. The products at Liberty21 are manufactured in European standards, ensuring the highest level of quality and have the maximum number of certifications from accredited labs. Liberty21 has thus established itself as a reliable brand and has steadily built a satisfied customer base.

Liberty21 brings in a perfect equilibrium of energy efficiency and comfort in the products through the dedicated work of professionals and state-of-the-art technology. The products are capable of giving a personal, customized styling to the spaces and range from casement doors and windows, sliding doors and windows combined doors and windows. With superior quality, eco-friendly standards, and utmost levels of comfort, Liberty21 offers products that will be a notch above customer expectations, always.

uPVC Doors & Window Manufacturers in Hyderabad