Add a dash of panache and personality into your home while also safeguarding it from thieves and intruders with the top grade hardware used the entire Liberty 21 range. Compatible with the interior and exterior design of your home, our range of door and window handles are available in multiple kinds of metals with varied uPVC coatings and colours. While we offer lever or pad door handles, our window handles are available in inline or cranked espags with the cockspur or tilt-and-turn function. Both tough and strong, both of them are available colour finishes of white, black, chrome, steel, bronze, and champagne.

Pick from full lock or centre case multipoint door locks and from a wide variety of door cylinders, which come in standard, thumb turn or oval cylinder designs to high-line, high-safety devices.

You can add extra protection to your home by using window restrictors, egress fire escapes and/or butt door hinges. We also offer other door structures such as door knockers, door numbers and letterboxes that complement door locks and handles for a more cohesive look. Using other devices such as patio door locks, cable window locks and sash jammers will further increase your security by discouraging burglars. Tools, vents, gaskets and screws form part and parcel of all the security components that we offer.

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