LIBERTY21 Advantage
Sturdy & Weather Resistant

Our products, built with superior engineering, work best when installed using installations guidelines like BS8213-4 and provide you with the best protection against elements. Our multi-chambered profile designs ensure that water does not accumulate during heavy rains.

Sound Proof

The noise from the hustle bustle in big cities and small towns alike can cause an inconvenience to many – senior citizens, people with a heart condition, students preparing for examinations, people coming home after a long day at work, etc. Additionally, with a high population, decibel levels of everyday sounds of the street have gone up.
LIBERTY21’s uPVC doors and windows are engineered with a multi-chambered profile design of ENCRAFT, utilising a double seal technology that ensures your premises gets insulated against the noise of any kind. When installed with appropriate glazing, it is capable of reducing sounds of up to 40 decibels!

UV Resistant

As the ozone layer depletes, we are exposed to a higher degree of UV (ultraviolet) rays of the sun than we were about a couple of decades ago. UV rays are not only damaging to the eyes, but to the skin as well.
LIBERTY21’s doors and windows protect you & your loved ones from high UV index. The entire process – from the selection of raw material to advanced extruding to further processing – has been formulated to attain highest quality profiles capable of resisting UV radiations which are high in the Indian subcontinent.
Wind load
Given the fickleness of nature, it is essential that buildings be able to survive all its vagaries and vicissitudes – from windstorms to earthquakes.
Our products can withstand storms with wind pressure measuring over 3000 Pascals (which is equivalent to a speed of 245 km/hour). This benefits modern architecture, where frames are needed for installations in current, earthquake-proof tower blocks that exceed ten stories. Our window systems come with design flexibility, irrespective of the size.

Strong & Secure

With buildings fitted with electrical wires and the like, electrical fires are a possibility. Also, gas stoves and the like are fire hazards. In such cases, it is imperative for the doors and windows to be able to mitigate such emergencies, should they arise.
These door and window systems have been engineered to allow the secure fitting of hinges, locking devices, and handles, which provides a level of security and peace of mind. They allow for the fitting of the most sophisticated locking systems available in the market. Being flame retardant, our uPVC systems decrease the fire load of a building. Unlike other framing materials, our systems are non-combusting as well as self-extinguishing. Hence, they will neither cause a fire or will they support or inflame one.


With global warming a significant concern, it is crucial to adopt processes that reduce the negative impact on the environment. The more environmental our processes, the better we take care of Earth.
Our uPVC doors and windows are a viable and superior option to wood and aluminium. Positive insulation reduces the building’s carbon footprint, while it helps the environment by discouraging deforestation (by being the perfect substitute for wood). Our systems are lead-free, thereby contributing to environmental sustainability and are free from health and environmental hazards of lead poisoning.

10-year Warranty

All products are prone to depreciation at some point which means every now & then you need to book for repairs & maintenance very often.
Our doors and windows come with a 10-year warranty, so you can rest assured them not giving you any trouble. Should any problem arise during the warranty period, one phone call will be sufficient to take care of it.

Special Gaskets

All our doors and windows come with a special, grey-coloured FPVC gasket, unlike the usual black, which ensures a snug fit and prevents any leakage – air or water. Also, our gaskets come with a 10-year warranty!
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Liberty21 are manufacturers of Germany quality uPVC doors & windows in Hyderabad. Our products are certified by international and domestic organisations for quality. Certified 100% lead free our products are safe for your family and the environment. Being eco friendly we are also certified by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council). For more details about our products or any other information please feel free to get in touch with us.