• Being a company with an eco-friendly product, we believe that sustainability is more than just environmental protection. To us, it means finding the right balance between satisfying the needs and wants of all our stakeholders as well as protecting the environment. Keeping that in mind, we focus on the environmental, economic, as well as the social aspects and issues.
  • At Liberty21, we stay committed towards minimising/eliminating the impact our activities have on the environment. Our products are designed to minimise the use of resources, save energy and reduce carbon emmissions as they reduce the carbon footprint of any building.
  • Our products are 100% LEAD free. In addition to being LEAD free, they are also free from all hazardous substances (Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr6+, PBB, PBDE). RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) is basically used by manufacturers in the European Union.
  • Being the supporters for “GO GREEN”, we are approved for Green building.
  • In order to maximize efficiency in the functioning of our waste disposal and recycling facility, our manufacturing facilities undergo regular audits to ensure minimal usage of our resources.
  • We can proudly state that our products fulfill all of the requirements for thermal insulation and the associated energy efficiency as the CO2 return is fairly sustainable, and also provide a superior price-performance ratio coupled with a long service life. Therefore, our products fulfill and exceed the expectations specialized window manufacturers, architects, developers, and end users demand from these sectors.

Aiming to further optimize the value created for windows and keeping sustainibility in mind, we at Liberty21 are developing the latest products to help ensure that the impact on the environment is minimal.

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