Although the ubiquitous ‘white windows’ are the norm when it comes to uPVC window installations, both customers and designers are on the lookout for something that is a little more unique to complement the aesthetics of a building or living area.

Here’s where Liberty21’s line of wood finishes comes in play, which are developed using cutting edge technology that coats the wood finish on the products by utilising the exclusive foil that suits India’s climate. In order to reduce the heat accumulation of the film and laminate, the foil contains a base coating of the Solar Shield Technology (SST). Liberty21 also makes sure to use a climate and sun resistant foil – FX Foil, which preserves and maintains its glossy look all through its life. The low surface tension of the film is not only dust and dirt resistant, but also effortless to clean. Furthermore, the film’s 3-layer structure makes certain that colours maintain their depth and shade even after intension exposure to UV rays.

Our company utilizes a base colour in the profile that complements the colour of the foil and is available in a wide variety of eye-catching wood effect finishes that are sure to match an array of interior styles, adding elegance to the surroundings.

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